Lost or Damaged USPS Insurance Claim Instructions

1. For LOST parcels, you must wait 21 days domestic (US) and 45 days for International shipments. For shipments to Italy, you must wait 60 days before filing.

All claims must be submitted within 90 days (this includes the waiting period) of their original shipping date or they will be denied.

2. After the designated waiting period, the customer will need to email us a signed and dated (end of waiting period date) letter, preferably .pdf format, stating the following:

1. Date the package was mailed.
2. Customer/Shopper ID - (i.e. 28548)
3. Description of shipment, (i.e. Tubes of beads).
4. If loss, state parcel never received, if damage, state description of damage and if repairable.
5. Important, please sign and date after the designated waiting period has been met.

If Claim is for damage, please provide a detailed description of the damage, state if repairs are possible, the cost of repair and any salvage value if not repairable. Please hold on to the item until a resolution is found.

1. Damage claims can be filed immediately.

3. We fill out the claim form, attach all paperwork and submit. Once approved, we will credit the customer for the amount of the claim.

Beaded images is not responsible for uninsured packages. For coverage, click on Add Insurance in the shopping cart.

USPS Tracking
USPS (United States Postal Service) does NOT provide tracking numbers. Instead they use Delivery Confirmation, which we include in the cost of our Priority postage. This service allows you to look online and see when a package was delivered. This is not a tracking system. We can not guarantee a delivery date.

Because of cost, most of our International order are shipped First Class Mail instead of Priority. Please be aware of customs delays and the shipping distance. This can cause some deliveries to take longer than expected.

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