Delica Chart of Color Categories & Finishes

Our new Delica color charts divide all the 829 Delica colors into color groups (whites, reds, blues, greens, purples, etc.) as well as the different types of finishes available. Each column has a color heading signifying a different color group. For example: By reading down the red column you are able to find all the red beads at a glance, together with reading across to check through the different types of finishes.

For ease in locating, Delica numbers are displayed in colors to signify their numerical grouping, eg:

DB 1 - DB 99
DB 100 - DB 191
DB 200 - DB 297
DB 301 - DB 391
DB 410 - DB 465
DB 501 - DB 514
DB 601 - DB 697
DB 702 - DB 799
DB 800 - DB 880
DB 901 - DB 986
DB 1001 - DB 1067
DB 1101 - DB 1111
DB 1201 - DB 1286
DB 1301 - DB 1376
DB 1401 - DB 1498
DB 1501 - DB 1538

The colors along the top of the chart are not actual Delica colors. Their purpose is to depict the different color groups. The color charts below are strictly offered as an assistant to looking up "similar" colors in different finishes.

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Click on links below for text versions provided by Bev Frey
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