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Beaded Images

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Unique earrings and pins beaded into images of birds, flowers and Christmas designs.

Ready to break out of the traditional Brick Stitch Earring mold. This is the book, with new ideas and techniques designed to allow the reader to do just that! Several features produce earrings whose designs are more detailed for their size, lighter in weight, and very original in appearance.

First, the designs use smaller beads; HEX, and Delica. There are no bugle beads in the bodies of the earring. Second, by increasing and decreasing the number of beads in each row, the shape of the earrings adapt to many different outlines. Third, there are patterns with vertical base rows rather than horizontal. Finally, some designs are three-dimensional - e.g.: a beaded bow can be added to an otherwise flat wreath.

The book included basic information on beads, needles, thread, wax, workspace and lighting. Techniques for basic brick stitch, fringe, and the methods needed for bead sculpturing, i.e. increasing and decreasing the number of beads in a row, are fully explained and illustrated.

Check Helpful Hints for a list of the beads used.

Patterns Included:

Roses, Iris, End of Trail, Sculptured parrots, peacocks, Santa's, snowmen,
candy canes, three-dimensional wreaths, Christmas trees, a reindeer & many more (see scans below).

33 unique patterns using Delica and Hexagon beads.

Soft bound
6 x 9 inches
80 pages
4 page full color insert
Beginner Instructions
Beginner to Intermediate


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