September 18, 2016

I can't believe another year has passed and here we are still trying to find new homes for our beautiful Delica bead inventory. Hopefully the new discount of 30% off our original price will be an incentive ... sorry Pattern Downloads are excluded.

Your discount will show up as a Webstore discount (30%) after your list of items added to the shopping cart. There is no minimum purchase required and International orders are welcome.

Just to give an idea of what the savings amounts to, here are some examples of original prices followed by the 30% discounted price:

DB Size 11/0
$3.50 - $2.45
$3.95 - $2.76
$4.15 - $2.90
$4.75 - $3.32
$5.40 - $3.78
$6.55 - $4.58
$7.50 - $5.25
$8.15 - $5.70
$8.40 - $5.88

DBS Size 15/0
Regular price range: $6.45 to $10.35
Discount price range: $4.51 to $7.25

Please come visit us at and look through the many beautiful Delica colors and different sizes we have remaining, along with miscellaneous items still available.

DB Size 11/0
DBC (Cut) Size 11/0
DBL Size 8/0
DBLC (Cut) Size 8/0
DBM Size 10/0
DBS Size 15/0
Hex Size 15/0 Beads
Instruction books by author Barbara Elbe
Miscellaneous Trim Beads

We hope you find something you like :-)

Beaded Wishes,
Barbara & Larry Elbe


October 18, 2015

Greetings Everyone!

Fall is definitely here and along with the leaves changing colors comes Halloween and Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and the beginning of yet another new year. Time to start thinking about projects and supplies needed for handmade holiday gifts to lucky friends and relatives.

To help with your holiday craft expenses and to also help reduce our inventory even further, we are increasing the discount prices on all of our beads, books and miscellaneous items by another 10% bringing the total discount to 20% ... sorry NO DISCOUNT on patterns this time.

As mentioned before, discount prices are not listed on our website but will show up as a “Webs tore Discount” towards the bottom of your shopping cart page.

We hope you can still find many of colors you need for your holiday bead creations on our web pages :-)

Beaded Wishes,
Barbara & Larry



August 3, 2015


Welcome Everyone,

We have made several changes on our website. The items listed below will go into effect immediately,

• Absolutely everything on our website will be discounted 10%, thisincludes all of our beads, books and patterns.

• Discount prices are not listed on our website, but will be shown as a “Webstore Discount” towards the bottom of your shopping cart page.

• We have done away with our 4 gram size. Everything will be sold in 10 gram amounts (8 grams DBS’s) unless noted.

• All beads will be sold in zip-lock baggie,s as we are just about out of Flip-top tubes.

• $3.95 Flat Rate on all US orders. International shipping fees will remain the same as before.

Even though we have been slowly going out of business for the past 2 years, we still have many beautiful DB bead colors remaining to choose from, this includies lots of DBS, DBM, DBL, DBLC , DBC, Tila and Triangle beads. Everything will be sold on a first come first serve basis and once a color is gone, it will be removed from our website.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express & PayPal.

We hope you will stop by and take a look around. We still have lots of colors left… We hopefully you will find something you like :-)

Our Thanks,
Barbara & Larry



November 25, 2013

Butterfly CommentsHAPPY HOLIDAYS

Lately we have received emails from customers surprised we are still open. I want everyone to know that our goal is not to close our website completely but to just not restock our beads supplies as they sell out. Once the beads are gone, we will still have many, many great patterns available for download plus our books, which are loaded with wonderful bead patterns.

We keep our online Delica bead supplies updated daily. Any color that falls below 20 grams is listed with the remaining amount. If there is a change in that amount, we make that change online as soon as we fill the order. If the color sells out, it is removed. We try to keep everything up-to-date daily and as accurate as possible.

Many have asked me for my recommendation for a new source of beads. Unfortunately I do all of my purchasing through wholesale merchants that only deal with stores, therefore I do not deal with the online bead stores. Because of this, I don't feel comfortable giving out recommendations to places I am unfamiliar with.

An option I have been recommending to those who ask is to type the words "Delica Beads" into your favorite search engine and see what comes up. This is how many of our customers say they have found us.

Hopefully you will find a store that can fill your needs in your prefered size of containers, reasonable prices and shipping fees and good arrival time. All of these factors make a big difference in who you choose. I hope you find a source you like.

Don't forget, we now offer FREE shipping to all U.S. orders over $30 (such a deal!) and a low shipping fee of $2.95 for all U.S. orders under $30.00.

It is hard to believe Christmas is ONLY one month away from today! Time is just zooming by!! We wish you the very best this Holiday Season!!

Seasons Wishes,

Barbara & Larry



June 20, 2013

Please be aware that when an item is placed in your shopping cart it does not become yours until the sale is completed. The longer the item sits in the cart before completing the sale, the less likely it will be available. This is especially true when it comes to the colors we are just about out of.

Also, if an item shows 10 Grams Remaining that really means there is only (1) 10 gram tube remaining. If you mark that you want (2) 10 gram tubes, you will only get (1) and a refund through PayPal or an adjustment before processing your credit card. Unfortunately our shopping cart will process your order simply because it doesn't know any better.



June 16th Newsletter .....

Greetings Everyone,

As each of the Delica colors sell out, we are removing them from our website. As a result, in the regular size 11/0 Delica beads we have available approximately 650 of the original 950 colors we originally carried. The other size 10/0, 8/0 and 15/0 Delica beads are still pretty well stocked.

We realize that since we no longer carry all the colors, this causes an extra expense to our customers, as all of your bead needs are no longer found in one location. To help out, we are providing FREE shipping to all U.S. orders over $30. Smaller U.S. orders up to $30 will have a low shipping fee of $2.95.

This Free service is only available to U.S. customers. Unfortunately shipping fees to locations (Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.) outside of the U.S. will not be lowered. This is due to the high cost of shipping International.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support!



April 1, 2013

Vision Update

First of all I would like to thank everyone for your very caring and thoughtful emails. My vision is mostly okay. I have no difficulties with reading, watching TV and regular vision activities. My biggest vision problems show up when I try to do tedious things like bookkeeping or working with numbers, as I find numbers very difficult to tell apart. Unfortunately there are no glasses to correct this problem. I have resigned myself to the use of a magnifying glass when I am in doubt. That seems to work for now.

Website Updated Daily

Any color that falls below 20 grams is listed with what is remaining. Colors that are marked "Not Restocking" are completely gone.

Purchasing Business

For those of you showing an interest in purchasing our complete bead inventory or our complete website business with inventory, I want to thank you for your interest. My husband and I have have discussedt this and have decided we want to just let the business run its course. It will take longer, but that's okay.

Beaded Wishes,



February 16, 2013

Butterfly CommentsTo Our All Of Our Wonderful Customers

We have been selling beads online for 15 years. About 4 years ago I noticed my vision was changing. Thinking I just needed new glasses, I visited the optometrist only to be sent to a specialist who diagnosed me as having Macular Degeneration. This is a disease that progressively destroys the central portion of the retina, the area responsible for central vision.

Not knowing what my future will be, and because I am the one who maintains our website and does all of the paper work associated with the business, we feel it is best we quit before my vision gets worse. Right now I am doing okay and we hope it will remain that way for a long time, but one just never knows.

Because of this health issue, we are slowly closing our business and will not be restocking colors as they sell out. Quantities are limited to first come first serve. Once a color is removed from our website, it will not be replaced. Depending on the supply we have on hand, some colors will run out sooner than others.

If an adjustment is necessary, it will be made before your credit card is processed. PayPal customers will receive a credit back to their PayPal account, check or money order customers will receive a refund check for items not included in their order.

We are selling out of all of our beads and not reordering. As the beads sell out the bead information is removed from the website. Because of this we must require that ...

  • All sales are final. So please choose carefully. No returns or exchanges.

We regret having to close down and we will definitely miss all of our wonderful customers, but this will be a fairly slow process, so we should still be around for quite some time.

As they always say, "All good things must come to an end". This would have happened eventually, it's just a little sooner than we had expected.

Our Very Best Wishes,

Barbara & Larry

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